About Us

This cooperative supports and organizes GP care in the region. The evening, night and weekend services from Urgent Care for General Practitioners are a good example of this. But we also try to further improve care for the chronically ill, such as diabetes and COPD patients. We also work together on quality.

We organize in-service training courses for general practitioners and their practice staff and we make regional-wide cooperation agreements with other healthcare providers such as Deventer Hospital.
We also tackle quality improvement projects, such as practice accreditation, together. The HCDO also supports mental health care in general practice. In everything we do, we have one goal: the patient’s GP care.

deliver, as GP care is meant: close by, personal and of good quality. As a patient, with all your complaints, problems and questions you can go to a doctor’s surgery nearby. The doctor or one of the practice staff will provide you with good quality care tailored to your person. This guarantees continuity, both with regard to the time and in collaboration with other care providers.