Health for Fat person

I’m slim, so I don’t have to worry… Right?

Not all overweight people are unhealthy by definition!
Should you have recognized yourself in my intro and because you are slim don’t worry about diseases, your nutrition and enough exercise. I have a newsflash for you. Slim people are also at risk. Not all overweight people are unhealthy by definition. They don’t necessarily have to have diabetes. And slim people don’t necessarily have to be healthy just because they are slim.

Fat on the inside or fat on the outside?
Fat is a key word in this story. And then it’s all about where the fat is. In obese people it is clear, in their case the fat is at least on the outside, just under the skin. But more important is whether it is also inside, around the organs. It may well be that in obese people there is no fat around the organs and therefore they are not at all as unhealthy as is often thought.
On the other hand, it may well be that slender people are fat inside, so they have a lot of fat around the organs, contrary to what is often thought. They look very healthy.

Within fats important indicator for (in)health are
Right; fat from the inside, which is around the organs, is a much more important indicator for (in)health than fat from the outside.
So there are two things that are very important:
Where the fat is located, from the inside or from the outside
To what extent the fat cells are filled
You can have a lot of fat cells, but when they are almost empty there is not much going on. If you have very few fat cells, but they are filled to the brim, then it’s a completely different story. Then there are risks that most people think are prescribed for ‘fat’ people.
How do you find out if you’re fat inside?
In fact, only by visiting a doctor, who can at least have a blood test done. And you could also request an MRI scan to see if you have any fat around your organs.

Prevention is better than cure! Live a healthy lifestyle!
It’s a bit cumbersome, isn’t it? Couldn’t it be easier? Yes, it can. It can be easier by maintaining a healthy lifestyle in advance.
That means paying attention to your diet, paying attention to your movement, but also looking at how your stress and happiness level are doing. So being preventive. This is the cheapest and easiest way to prevent diseases.

Bringing vitality into your life often means a change of lifestyle for many people. Vitality is more than just health, it also means being happier and being able to handle stress. By looking at a healthy and vital lifestyle together with a lifestyle professional, we work on healthy food, healthy exercise and feeling healthy.

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