I’m an emotion-eater, and you?

You know that? That if you want to lose weight and it’s so difficult, you are advised by your dear best friend to tackle that emotional problem first? Because it’s not so strange that you keep on eating because you’re so unhappy?! That you are told that you are an emotional eater. That’s why you’re too fat. If you’re sad, sad, sad, unhappy, down, then you’re going to eat.

Stubborn image
What’s on your mind now? I say emotion-eater. Almost everyone thinks about sadness, sadness, unhappiness. Now make a list with all the emotions that are there and all the emotions that you have? Do they also contain positive emotions? Happiness, happiness, love, pleasure? How is it possible that the word ’emotion-eater’ doesn’t mean positive emotions but only negative emotions?

Eating because you are sad or because you suffer from stress. Most people don’t get a bite through their throat when they are sad or suffering from stress. They lose weight because of the stress. So to what extent is this stubborn image correct?

Burgundians are cozy eaters
You know, there are more people who eat when they feel happy. Feeling happy. Eating because they all like it, because they have fun. These are also emotional eaters. Or do we call them different? Are those perhaps the Burgundians we talk about when someone is a ‘nice or cozy eater’?

Eating pattern
Getting heavier, getting thicker, lovehandles, belly, no matter what you call it, but many women struggle with this almost daily. Especially when there is a ‘sin’ during a festive day. But is that right? No! Because now a study has shown that outliers in your diet do not influence your weight at all. Over the same period, the weight has remained more or less the same in spite of the eating spasms during birthdays or other festive moments. In other words, you don’t get fat from these kinds of days but from eating between these days.

So, folks, enjoy your special days, just take an extra spoonful of all that good food. Do it Paleo, unprocessed, gluten-free, ecologically sound, it doesn’t matter. But enjoy! And eat normally the rest of the year, as much as you need. No more and no less. And above all, move enough.

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